How to Commission a Portrait

First contact me either by e-mail or phone (details on the Contact  page). I will get back to you to discuss your requirements, and to arrange a day and time to take photographs.

On the agreed day, I will come to take photographs of your horse or dog, usually about 150 of each animal. Remember to have an additional person present, as it needs one to hold or control the subject, another to attract its attention (ie jump up and down, clap hands, rattle a bucket above your head, and generally make a fool of yourself when the horse totally ignores you!), and then me to take the photos!

When I take the photos, I take a 25% deposit, payable by cash, cheque, or transfer direct to my bank account. I’m afraid I don’t take plastic.

If you are able to avoid the Christmas rush and wait for the work to be completed between January 7th 2015 and 28th February 2015, I’ll give you a 10% discount.  Prices of horse and dog portraits by Mike Haken.

When its finished, I will deliver the portrait personally before the agreed completion date, although where that’s not possible, it will be posted to you, securely packaged and fully insured.

And remember, I give an absolute guarantee to every customer that if you’re not delighted with the finished work, you’re under no obligation to buy and I will even give you your deposit back! In five and a half years, of professional work, I have never had a portrait of a horse or dog rejected.